Why The Harrier?

The word "Harrier" has become commonplace in the running community, often used to describe swift runners. However, the history of the word dates back to the 1800s when British schoolboys started playing a game called "hares and hounds." Like hide and seek, the hares would leave from a common spot before the hounds chased in pursuit. Outside of the schoolyard game, the type of hound that was bred to chase hares is called a "harrier." These dogs are incredibly skilled in chasing and hunting--much like a runner in pursuit of the competition in a race. 

The Harrier symbolizes the love of the pursuit. As runners we're always in pursuit of the next goal--whether that's a race, mileage target, or to maintain mental and physical well being.

We are all Harriers. 

As always, have yourself a day!

-Harrier Team