USATF Golden Games Prediction Contest

Contest Rules

1. Follow @the__harrier on Instagram
2. Follow @trackworldnews on Instagram
3. Fill out this form with your predictions

Winner Prize Package

1 item from The Harrier spring collection
1 graphic t shirt from The Harrier
10 stickers
$10 gift card for The Harrier

*In order to win, you must pick each event's winner correctly. In the event of multiple people correctly picking the winner of all four events (Men's 100m, Men's 800m, Women's 1500m, Women's 100H), a tiebreaker will be used. The tiebreaker for this contest will be determined based on who is closest to predicting DK Metcalf's final time in the 100m. In the event of a DNF or DNS, the winner will be chosen using a random name selector*

Meet information can be found here

Meet will be streamed on NBC Sports Network

Entries close at 1pm CST on 5/8/2021. Good