The Harrier Journal

A runner's journal has always been a sacred place to document the many highs and lows that come over the course of a training cycle. For many, these journals serve as an archive of the blood, sweat, and tears shed during the many days and weeks of logging miles. We are excited to announce the launch of our own journal to log the thoughts and musings of The Harrier community. 

When the Harrier started, the goal was always to become a place that offered more to the running community than just apparel. The Harrier Journal is the first step in what we hope will become a trend of The Harrier offering the running community a place to connect, share stories, and fall in love with the sport. 

The Harrier Journal is community driven and will be powered by YOU. Have something on your mind that you've always wanted to write about? Or maybe you've already written a piece but don't know where to house it. We'd love to hear from you and give you an opportunity to express yourself and share with the running community.


Lets get in touch! Drop us a line below.