Harrier Writing Staff

Hello! We're pumped that you're here and interested in helping us grow The Harrier brand. Please read below for a description of the position as well as how to apply.

Position: Harrier Content Writer

Description: We are looking for a creative writer who is passionate about the sport of running to join our team and help us produce consistent content for The Harrier website. Think Buzzfeed articles, but for running. A successful candidate will be independent, creative, and have great attention to detail with their writing. As the Harrier Content Writer, you will be responsible for writing one article per week for The Harrier website. As the person grows into the role, there is potential for more work and compensation in the future. 

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience producing blog or social media content¬†
  • Follows the sport of running closely to understand the current trends¬†
  • Excellent grammar
  • Passion for The Harrier and growing the sport

Examples of articles: 

  • Listicles. i.e. "Top five running kits in history." "Three hardest strava segments in the United States"
  • Opinion pieces
  • Meet Previews
  • Meet Analysis
  • Athlete profiles
  • Whatever you're passionate about and gets you fired up!

Article Frequency:

At the start of the position, the content writer will be expected to produce one article per week. As the brand grows, there will be potential for other opportunities with the company.

How to Apply:

Email us at support@the-harrier.com with the following information. Application closes 3/21.

  • Resume or a brief description of applicable experience
  • One writing sample (preferably running related)
  • One idea for an article you'd write if hired
  • A brief paragraph (no more than 300 words) about why you'd be a good fit for this job


The hired candidate will paid on a per article basis starting at $15 per published article. However, we are looking to grow our website and social presence so there is potential for more work and more compensation if desired. 


Lets grow the sport together!!