Dream Team: Track Edition

By: Kyle Markley

Almost every athlete has been asked the question: if you had to play another sport what would it be? While runners are not necessarily the first to come to mind when it comes to athleticism and basketball, I believe by taking the best of the best from track and field that we could field a solid team. It’s a sport that has competitive and endurance aspects. Both of which are strong attributes for runners. So, in honor of the 1992 “Dream Team” this article will breakdown the starting lineups for an All-Star team. But with one twist, the team is only comprised of American distance runners.

Point Guard: Elle Purrier St. Pierre

Starting at the top, this team needs a point guard. Someone who has the toughness and grit not to be bullied by opposing teams, but also has the work ethic and demeanor that commands respect from teammates and opposing teams alike. Well, look no further than Elle Purrier St. Pierre. She fits this role to a "T," with her grit to push the pace from start to finish in a race, along with her strong work ethic derived from growing up on a dairy farm. Purrier St. Pierre would be able to lead this team to victory, making her the right choice to take over the point guard role.

Shooting Guard: Matthew Centrowitz

When it comes to a shooting guard, this team needs someone with the “mojo” to take the game winning shot. Matthew Centrowitz has the swagger and confidence every coach dreams of in a shooting guard. Centro lives in his opponent's heads rent free and has many similarities to the legendary Allen Iverson in how he carries himself. Off the court, he has the social media abilities of Kevin Durant, someone who’s not afraid to speak his mind, call people out, and utilize his large social media following to further his personal agenda. Down 3 points with 5 seconds left, I want the ball in Centro's hands. 

Forward: Emma Coburn

The first forward this team needs is Emma Coburn. Coburn is an already experienced basketball player who brings the athleticism & coordination it takes to be a steeplechaser to this team. Her ability to hurdle barriers could be beneficial when leaping in the air for rebounds. Coburn is also a savvy veteran and someone I would expect to be a vocal leader on the team. 

Forward: Clayton Murphy

The next forward is none other than Clayton Murphy. His skills are perfect for this team because he is able to have quick surges and not be rattled by bumping in races. Which will transition well to the court. That speed can be utilized on fast break opportunities. Along with being able to play a physical game when he is driving to the basket. Plus, he brings that Mamba Mentality to his game, which never hurts.

Center: Mason Ferlic

The center of this team is someone who has the height and abilities to rebound and score points in the paint. That person is Mason Ferlic. In almost any race he competes in, Mason towers over his opponents garnering him the nickname "Big Bird." This height along with his steeple jumping abilities will prove useful when shooting in the paint and getting rebounds. I can see Mason being the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of this team. He is just the center this group needs to spread the floor and command respect in the paint.

Coach: Mike Smith

Lastly, this team needs a coach to tie the whole squad together, someone who can combine these five personalities into one, cohesive team with a single goal. The person who can do this is the man, the myth, the legend: Mike Smith. Coach Smith knows how to coach champions and has the rings to prove it. His philosophical and unorthodox approach is like that of 11-time NBA champion Phil Jackson. On top of Coach Smith's proven success with NAU, he has one of the craziest shoe rotations which would be great to see on the sidelines.

The dream team of running has been formed, one that I believe could be successful on the track and the basketball court. 

Drop in the comments who you got in your starting 5!