Track Finals Schedule Download

If you're like me, you're overwhelmed by the time difference between America and Japan, when track events will be on TV, and what channel they'll be on.

I've created two downloadable calendars that can be easily integrated with your Google or Apple Calendars. The calendars include information about when the event is occurring in Central Standard Time, what TV channel its being shown live on, and what athletes from Team USA are competing in the event. Each calendar is currently configured to give a notification an hour before the event is about to take place live.

Apple Calendar Download

When you click the link above, you'll be met with the following prompt:

Don't worry, this is a safe link and by subscribing you'll simply be adding all of the track finals to your calendar. 

Google Calendar Download

If you use Google Calendars, you'll need to click the link above which will bring you to the following page (if you're on mobile).

You'll want to click the bottom right corner where you see the "+" button. That will bring you to a screen where you'll be asked if you want to add the calendar.


Please email if you have any questions or shoot us a DM on Instagram! I made this for a few friends but figured it might be useful to share with The Harrier community as well.