Top 10 Kits of the Last Decade

By: Max Barrios

Most professional running teams have their own signature kit that capture the team's unique style and culture. There have been some awesome kits from different teams and brands over the years and listed below are the top 10 uniforms of the last decade (in my opinion). Without further ado, here are the teams that have the most drip on the start line.

Note: I only took into account professional groups. General brand singlets such as Nike, Adidas, etc. were not considered. 

10) Brooks Beasts 2020 

The Brooks Beasts show up to the start line looking like highlighters which definitely helps get their name out there. On the flip side, if you run poorly in a bright, neon, yellow singlet, it might be a little embarrassing at the finish line….

9) Hoka NJNY Track Club 2017 

Unfortunately, the New Jersey New York Track Club has recently lost their sponsor (and Kyle Merber) leading up to this Olympic year. However, their 2017 kits are snazzy, especially if you’re a New York native. The beautiful skyline partnered with the patriotic colorway shows the pride of this group's hometown.

8) US Army WCAP 2017 

You know they're some of the toughest guys on the start line when they have “ARMY” on their singlet. The men of WCAP don’t mess around on the track and in serving our nation. These black, gray, and white singlets with a tough of yellow look FAST on almost any athlete!

7) Oregon Track Club 2016 

There’s not much to say here. The bright green with the smaller OTC logo in the top left looks elite, but it could’ve been higher in my rankings if the logo was bigger, or if there was a design that represented the Oregon Track Club going around the singlet, such as trees!

6) Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project 2014 

The 2014 Hansons-Brooks kit is a classic. The simple McDonald’s colorway brings a good vibe to the starting line and has been worn by so many legends including Des Linden, Dathan Ritzenheim, and Brian Sell. It may not be as big and bright as some of these newer designs, but not every athlete needs to look like a highlighter!

5) Nike Oregon Project 2019 

The Nike Oregon Project obviously meant business when they used to show up in all black with a white skull on their kits. The 2019 version had a touch of blue, red, and green electrified throughout. This made it stand out, but their performances took care of that regardless.

4) US Army WCAP 2016

This is the second WCAP kit I ranked and one of my personal favorites. Imagine getting your ass kicked by guys in camoflage! You wouldn’t even know where they came from!

3) Bowerman Track Club 2019 

Coming in at number three, the famed Bowerman Track Club. Their most recent singlet has some cool lightning/plasma design on it, but as with many other vibrant kits in these rankings, these guys can already stand out with their performances!

2) Nike Oregon Project 2016 

The notorious Nike Oregon Project. Their 2016 kits are one of the most badass things you can wear on a start line. No matter your opinions on the now dismantled Oregon Project, their all black kits with the skull carried a certain weight and intimidation factor. 

Bowerman Track Club 2015 

Last but not least, the 2015 Bowerman Track Club kit. The red and black compliments each other perfectly without doing anything crazy like the recent trend of these bright neon singlets.