Eric Holt “The Bolt"

By: Will Blase

For me, it’s always an excuse. I cut a run short or simply don’t run at all because of slight irritations. Did I get enough sleep? How are the legs feeling? Is it hot outside? It’s these simple excuses that eat at me and don’t let me achieve my fullest potential, but those excuses don’t seem to nag at Eric Holt. 

Photo Credit: Johnny Zhang | @jzsnapz

Holt runs for the Empire Elite Track Club, focusing on the 1500/mile and trains with 3:49 miler Johnny Gregorek and Isaac Updike, who held the world lead in the Men’s Steeplechase leading up to the trials. He’s unsponsored, unwavering and undeniably the breakout star of the Trials of Miles Qualifier Circuit.

Photo Credit: Brenden Clarke | @brenden.jpeg

Holt won the Texas Trials of Miles Qualifier Men’s 1500 with a time of 3:41.4, cementing a first win for Empire Elite Track Club. He continued his winning streak at the Kansas City Qualifier, dropping a 3:40.77 and again at the NYC Qualifier with a 3:39.85. He’s proud of his team and with the support of his coaches John Trautmann and Tom Nohilly, he truly believes he can win, famously firing up the audience during the NYC Trials of Miles Qualifier with his post-race interview. That belief earned him a triple crown in the Qualifier Circuit. Always bet on Holt at the races. 

It’s these Trials of Miles performances that drew me into Holt’s composure, and I’m certainly not alone in feeling his magnetism. His desire to improve himself. His outlook on the gift we’ve been given is inspiring and, as we all know, to give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift. Holt is going places and at the Stumptown Twilight meet in Portland, Holt clocked a smokin’ 3:36.62, securing a ticket to the Olympic Trials. 

CITIUS MAG interviewed Holt on an episode of The CITIUS MAG Podcast and even designed a Holtamania tee, playing off of Hulk Hogan’s famous wrestling catchphrase. All proceeds from the shirt sales (a total of $1,457.45) went directly to Holt and his journey to the Olympic Trials. Runners helping runners. Firm handshakes, y’all. 

Ultimately, Holt fell just short of making the Men’s 1500m final at the Trials, but you know what he did? Holt beat back the physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion and uncertainty that the last year brought all of us, and he showed us how strong he is. And the best part? Holt just keeps. getting. faster. 

Photo Credit: Matt Sweet | @sweeet5

Last week he dropped two seconds off his mile PR, laying down a 3:56 at the Trails of Miles 2021 Night at the Track. You can follow along in Matt Sweet’s vlog and get your daily dose of Holtamania. 

Holt’s got more fans than he realizes and you better believe that Holtamania is going to be in full effect next season. Someone get this man some jelly, he’s got plenty of PBs to go around.