NCAA NIL Rule Change

By: Patrick Larson

The NCAA recently announced groundbreaking new rules that will allow college athletes to finally make money on their name, image, and likeness. After decades in which college athletes' earning potential was limited to their scholarships, the flood gates have been opened and the cash is about to start rolling in for some athletes.

So what does this mean for The Harrier? 

Up until now, we have been forced to stay away from paying college athletes to wear our products or from using an athlete's name/image/likeness on a shirt. With the new NCAA rules, this has all changed overnight.

Within the first 12 hours of the rules being changed, we worked with Cole Hocker to use his image on two different shirts and in exchange we were able to compensate him. As a business that prides itself on being at the forefront of different trends in the running community, we plan on continuing to do so as we venture into the NCAA space. We plan to be creative and innovative in regards to how we can work with NCAA athletes to both help them financially while offering products and services that you all value. 

Let's do this!