Will WesFly CEO get smoked in a Beer Mile?

By: Will Blase

The gauntlet has been thrown down. WesFly CEO Everett Smulders called out Chris Robertson, the American Beer Mile Record Holder, challenging him to a beer mile and claiming that he’d dethrone the defending champ. Robertson clapped back and accepted the Ole Miss Rebel’s challenge -- all that’s left is a time and place. 

What is a beer mile, you ask? It’s “simple.” Participants must complete four laps around the track and consume four 12oz cans or bottles of 5% ABV (minimum) beer. The race starts in the “transition zone,” which is the last meter on a traditional track, and each beer must be consumed within the transition zone before starting the lap. Beer, lap, beer, lap, beer, lap, beer, lap. You throw up, you take a penalty lap. Them’s the rules. 

Robertson just penned a sponsorship deal with Blue Moon Brewing Company, his beer of choice to propel him to a 4:37 Beer Mile American Record and Beer 2-Mile World Record of 10:18 (contract was signed on April 1 so take it with a grain of salt). Seriously, Robertson must be eating his Wheaties because crushing four beers and throwing down a 4:37 mile without losing your lunch is downright impressive. Doubling the mileage and amount of beers consumed is just inhuman. 


Smulders went sub-four at the Arkansas Razorback Invitational earlier this year, laying down an open mile time of 3:58.93, giving him plenty of ammunition to add to his showboating. The dude is fast and in just seven months WesFly Athletics has grown their YouTube subscribers to over 4,000 and Instagram following over 3,000. Impressive metrics from Smulders and the Rebels, but his dragon energy won’t get him the dub when we toss beer into the mix. 

 "If you’re gonna come at the king, you best not miss-- those flames might just smolder."


Robertson, backed by Blue Moon, has got the notches on his belt to justify his confidence and his open mile PB of 4:13 helps give him the edge he needs against Smulders. Smulders has to step back and realize that he’s outmatched against the American record holder and seeing as it’s an Olympic year and with NCAA eligibility rules, it’s unlikely Smulders will set a race date anytime soon. However, Corey Bellemore, holder of the 4:33.6 Beer Mile World Record, raced in a WesFly Athletics singlet last week in Arizona, stoking the flames of the searing beef. If you’re gonna come at the king, you best not miss-- those flames might just smolder. 

Who have you got in the beer mile? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!