Tinman Elite Name Change: Wrong Answers Only

By: Will Blase

There’s been a lot of chatter about Tinman Elite and the team’s parting with longtime coach Tom “Tinman” Schwartz. You’ve all seen the LetsRun article and probably joined in the discourse, but if you’ve been living under a rock, we’ve got you covered with this article from The Harrier that breaks the situation down. There’s still a lot we don’t know, but we do know that the team’s namesake is drawn from Schwartz, possibly resulting in a name change. Let’s take a look at some Tinman Elite name changes that should definitely be avoided at all costs.

Ten Man Elite

Hear me out, reality television show format where ten men get the honor of racing on Ten Men Elite. Can’t hold your own? You’re voted off the island and another speedster gets their shot at glory. Now that’s cutthroat content, baby.


Hammer pants adidas merch drop? Maybe sponsor a hammer pants 5k? Hire me as a brand consultant?

Mama’s Boys

(Image Courtesy of @jkh_photo)

This one is definitely just about Goose’s tat. No other reasons.

Hun-tin for Par-sley

Hunter/ Tin. Parsons / Leslie. Yeah, this is 100% a wrong answer.

Drew Hunter and his Running Friends

(Image Courtesy of @jkh_photo)

Airing weekdays on YouTube.

Tin to Gold Track Club

They grow up so fast. T2GTC?

 Just Friends Running Club

We can still be friends though!

Bing Bong Bros

Unleash Goose and T2’s energy already.

Leslie’s Lads

Lil’ alliteration for ya.

Tin at Work

Any Men at Work fans out there? I guess Tinman’s fanbase isn’t old enough to justify this name change.


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