Ranking Tinman Elite's Roster Photos

By: Brett Haffner

The guys over at Tinman just released some sweet new headshots (photo credit to Joe Hale) for their website, boasting many varieties of smiles, facial hair, and hairdos. In paying tribute to Citius Mag’s collection of roster photos, here goes nothing for the men of Tom Schwartz.

*Although Cam Griffith was across the Pacific when these photos were taken, we undoubtedly know that ‘Handsome Cam’ would earn at least an A. What a handsome fella!

Drew Hunter: A

Getting some serious 2019 US Indoor 2 Mile Champ vibes from Drew as he brings back the savory stache, many likening his looks to that of a certain Prefontaine. You can’t forget about the dirty flow either, tying in the look together.

Jamaine Coleman: B 

The stubble circle beard is taking its form in the early stages; Jamaine could certainly hop up into the ‘A’ range with the completed form. The slight head tilt and endearing eyes give off a nice, friendly expression but don’t get sucked up into him when he’s taking you down over the steeples.

Sam Parsons: C+ 

It’s a little off putting to see YungParsoni without a hat on his head, but his baby-stage flow makes up for it. Sam no longer has to embark on any #wifesearchwednesday quests, so this headshot is just a classic, nice look of Tinman’s Creative Director.

Reed Fischer: A-

Mountain Man 1 of 2 on this list. The mustache, beard, sleek hair, and soft smile are all daggers to the heart (Christine, you’re a lucky one!). An overall very put-together look for the long-distance specialist.

Sydney Gidabuday: B+


First off, the hipster glasses and earring are quite the look for Mr. Get-A-Booty. Throw in some light sightings of a goatee plus a calm exterior, and this 13:22 5k man serves up some good looks for Tinman Elite.

Joey Berriatua: A

Arguably one of Tinman’s most attractive runners, Joey Bags once again brings the heat with his renowned facial hair-- this time in the form of a luscious mustache. The earring is a nice touch, too. If only we got to see his wonderful soft smile, he’d get the ‘A+’ distinction. 

Jordan Gusman: A+

It’s not hard to tell: Goose has the best drip of the Tinman guys. Making his return to Boulder from overseas, this first member of the ‘Bing Bong’ duo easily brings the heat with the bleached hair, dirty ‘stache, nose ring, and cross earring, even attracting the likes of a certain WesFly CEO. Bringing this much power to the TME roster photo, let’s see what he can bring onto the track this season.

Brogan Austin: B


By far the most intimidating picture of this collection, Brogan is putting the idea in his competitor’s heads to not mess with him in 2021. As shown on the TME Instagram, Brogan also has a dapper side to him as well-- in short, get you a man who can do both.

Brian Barraza: B+


In terms of ‘complete’ facial hair, Brian definitely sits in the top third of the Tinman guys. The steeplechaser and artist extraordinaire has got some flowy hair rockin’ and a face that just makes you want to smile. An all-around good looking man.

Aaron Templeton: A- 

The second member of the ‘Bing Bong’ duo, T2 opted for a classic look with the dirty ‘stache. He’s also opted for some earrings on both ears, with a presence that says he’s ready to get back on track this outdoor season.

Jeff Thies: C

Jeff went for a bold move for his roster pic, choosing the clean-shaven look. The one thing that is desired for is BleachedJeff-- summer is coming soon, maybe we’ll see a return of the blonde?

Connor Winter: B+


Mountain Man 2 of 2 on this list. Maybe Reed and Connor are long-lost brothers? ‘Old Man Winter’ brings the classic bearded look to his photo, a necessary component for the Tinman 10k crew it seems (sorry Brogan).




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