Galen Rupp's Top 5 Tweets

By: Patrick Larson

Galen Rupp has notoriously stayed away from the press and under the radar over the course of his career. The man makes very few public appearances and when he does he gives off “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” vibes.

Whats the big deal? Well, in an era where more and more athletes are sharing their stories through Instagram, YouTube, and other forms of media, Galen has remained in the shadows. Granted, having one of the larger contracts in running allows for such a luxury, but doesn’t he have any desire to engage on social media? Unfortunately, that answer is no. BUT, what we do have from Galen is a glorious Twitter feed starting in 2009 and ending in 2012 that gives us an unparalleled look into the mind of Galen Rupp.

So, without further ado I introduce the top 5 Galen Rupp Tweets.


#5 Fresh to Death

 Coming in at #5 is a crowd favorite, so much so that we had to put it on a shirt. I like to think that Galen just got his outdoor track gear from University of Oregon and was really feeling himself. The man was walking around Hayward field in some fresh Air Force 1s and couldn't help but fire off this banger of a tweet.

#4 Taken 

Listen, I’m a huge fan of the Taken movies as well, but its clear from the three exclamation points in this tweet that I’m definitely not on the fandom level of Galen. Also, for someone coming across this tweet today having never watched the Taken movies, this is an incredibly odd tweet to read out of context…

#3 HQ

There is so much to unpack in this short tweet. It was sent on March 22, 2009 so Galen was wrapping up his senior year at the University of Oregon. Was HQ the name of the college house where Andrew Wheating, Centro, and the boys played water pong? I’d kill to get in a time machine and be with Galen on the night of March 22.

#2 Galen's Bad Bets

 I include this tweet mainly as a PSA that you should never trust Galen Rupp when it comes to giving out sports gambling advice. He went 0/2 on his 2009 March Madness upset watch with both Duke and Villanova winning. 


You already knew what our #1 tweet would be. Nothing says Galen Rupp quite like going for a nice run and then absolutely hitting the weight room to get swole.


We love you Galen and there is nothing more I want than for you to come back to Twitter and start firing of your stream of conscious. Until then, we’ll continue to commemorate your works of art on our t shirts.




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